Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Why the Blog??

In the context of my teaching Criminal Justice, Political Science, and Homeland Security at the college level, I have written rather extensively about the state of American society. Specifically, I have engaged my students in discussions about (1) the way we ARE, (2) the way we WERE, and (3) the direction we seem to be going as a society. All of this is in the context of our FOUNDING PRINCIPLES and the dynamic tension between these principles and the changes (and challenges) that face us, both as Americans and as part of the global community.

Once upon a time, I was the Founding Director of the Law and Liberty Foundation (now defunct) and I wrote several pieces related to this subject and so, to preserve those writings, and add new insight in these changing times, I am using this new forum to present these views to a larger audience.

The writings and musings contained in this Blog, are intended to provoke thoughtful discussion, and stimluate new ideas about an old question: What kind of Society do we want to create for ourselves and our posterity? Does society shape us, or do we shape society, or is it something of both? Are there historic principles that can/should be preserved or do we permit abandonment of those principles and embracing of others?

Clearly, there are LARGE numbers of people who will disagree with my views. I encourage reasoned analysis and discussion. The mentally challenged will be painfully obvious, as they will resort to name-calling when they run out of intellectual ammunition. Even if the views herein are not found to be persuasive, I will at least have aired them for scrutiny and rebuttal.

In Liberty,
Professor John A. Sterling, MA, JD

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