Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Should We Ban Christmas Parties Because They Offend Muslims?

I was listening to a radio show today (Dec 8, 2015) and people were calling in to answer the question of whether we should ban Christmas parties.    This is following the shooting of 14 people at an office Christmas party by a Muslim man and his wife in San Bernadino, CA this week. Discussion ranged from whether the U.S. should ban Christmas, (because it offends Muslims) or just ban the office parties, or just call it a “holiday celebration”, etc. 
It’s Christmas.  Christ + Mass.   Its about the birth of the baby Jesus.  It is a celebration that is ancient in history and universal in scope. Nearly everybody on the planet that knows ABOUT Christmas, celebrates it, even if they do NOT believe that Jesus was the incarnation of God in the person of the Messiah. Believe it or not, but it is the "reason for the season".  It's a good reason to party.
It’s like: if your neighbors have a new baby and they are so happy that they invite all of the other neighbors over to celebrate the event,  you go to see them being happy.   Its not YOUR baby, and you might not even care about babies, but you’re a good neighbor so you pop in long enough to say congratulations, drink some punch and maybe eat a snack or two. Heck, you might not even really LIKE your neighbors but sometimes we participate in social activities because that is what civilized people do.   No SANE person would try to take over the party, tell the new mom what she can, and cannot serve to eat or drink at her party, or that you disapprove of someone else who showed up to the celebration.   If any of that bothers you that much, then you politely decline the invitation and you go do whatever you were gonna do anyway.  Rarely will anybody care what you do nor will they genuinely feel badly that you did not attend.

Many Muslims though, Such as  Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik, the San Bernadinl shooters DEMAND that the rest of the world stop what we’ve been doing for two thousand years.   Muslims such as those who perpetrated the San Bernadino massacre are offended that our traditions are contrary to their traditions, and so, like any other self-centered, self-righteous, arrogant bigot, they demand everyone else bend to THEIR will.  But taking at yet another step further than the “run-of-the-mill arrogant bigot,  Islamists (correctly) hold that the doctrines of Islam instruct the truly faithful to KILL them if they do not change their traditions if those traditions are exactly what is taught by their “religion” because that is exactly what Muhammad would have done. (I put religion in quotes because careful study will reveal that Islam is primarily a complete system of total social and cultural control and is therefor a political system with a religious cloak)
It’s CHRISTMAS.  Yes, it is a CHRISTIAN holiday, but the gift of Jesus is for ALL men. If you don’t believe in Jesus, or you reject His claim as the Messiah, you are still welcome to come to the party.  We WANT you to come. Celebrate with us. Share our joy, be a part of our moment, even if you don’t believe.   We are INCLUSIVE that way.
John Sterling

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